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Roma Educational Incubator Prekmurje


The Roma academic club offers school assistance to Roma pupils and students. School assistance is mostly being given by members of the Roma community, who transfer their knowledge to the younger Roma population according to the principle “Roma for Roma”.
The activities within this offered school assistance are being conducted in the Roma educational Incubator in the village of Vanča vas in the region of Prekmurje. The incubator is open daily and the mentioned lessons take place in a classroom at the seat of the Roma academic club in Murska Sobota in the Roma cultural and information centre (ROKIc: “DROM”) in the Roma settlement of Kamenci, in the partner schools in Prekmurje and in Maribor, as well as at the students’ and/or pupils’ homes – if necessary.
The school assistance is focused on assisting the students with their day-to-day school work, as well as supporting them – individually or in groups, formed within school classes.
In order to follow-up the progress of each single student included into the school assistance programme, diaries are kept for them. The work of the Roma Educational Incubator in Prekmurje has been flourishing, since the children have shown an extraordinary motivation for studying and for helping and cooperating with each other.


School-year 2010/2011.