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School assistance in primary and secondary school


Activity 9: Offering school assistance on primary and secondary school levels, as well as other activities for the improvement of the integration of Roma children into the educational process.

The aim of this activity is to improve the integration of Roma students and pupils into the educational process, to improve their results in school, to minimize the number of school dropouts and to enlarge the motivation for education. The organized activities will be focussed primarily on different forms of additional school assistance for Roma students and pupils, as well as on additional encouragement and motivation of gifted Roma children to study and continue their education as long as possible, as well as encouraging their parents to support them in doing so.
For Roma children who visit the primary school, two forms of additional school assistance will be organized – in school and out of school. School assistance in school will be conducted by Roma assistants, while that out of school will be carried out by educated Roma in the afternoons, primarily in Roma settlements. For Roma students of secondary school assistance will be organized in the afternoon as well.
The number of people offering school assistance to Roma students and pupils within this project is supposed to be at least 40.

School assistance to Roma students

In the framework of this activity, school assistance will be offered to those Roma students who need it. Which Roma child needs such assistance and what results can be achieved at each individual child, will be evaluated in cooperation with partner schools. According to the decision whether or not we want to include into the training and implementation of different activities, as many members of the Roma community as possible, we will try to find Roma people who can offer school assistance to Roma students. The condition of offering such assistance will be a secondary school degree. In the case we should not be able to find enough eligible candidates to offer school assistance, the latter will be offered by members of the non-Roma population.
School assistance to pupils will normally be offered in the Roma settlements – either at students’ homes or in the vicinity. For individuals who will offer school assistance, we will organize shorter trainings, where they will get to know the bases of pedagogy, didactics, etc…)

School assistance for Roma students

Their domestic environment usually does not offer Roma students the same support for studying (emotional and financial), as it is usually the case within the majority population. Socially and economically weaker families develop different points of view towards education. Surviving is in the first place there, which means that there is an essentially smaller motivation for education. And even if a child has the motivation for further education, less educated parents can help their children to a much smaller extent with their studies than more educated ones, while at the same time their financial possibilities to pay school assistance for their children are much smaller. Even those Roma children who successfully enrol to a secondary school, very often drop out of it afterwards. These examples show us that even secondary school students need some additional encouragement and examples, in order not to give up school immediately when some problems appear.
In the framework of this project we will offer Roma students the possibilities for additional school assistance in the form of individual help which will be held by chosen university students and teachers. Roma students who need school assistance in specific subjects, will be able to turn to the Roma educational incubator in their region, where an adequate person for this assistance will be appointed to them the costs of this assistance will be covered.