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Promotion, information and clarification of facts to the public


Activity 3: Promotion, information and clarification of facts to the public


The importance of knowledge and education

One of the reasons why Roma parents mostly do not stimulate their children to study is the fact that for most of the Roma education does not present an important value. Therefore all educators working on this project, will be trained to inform parents with every activity, organized on the level of pre-school education, about the importance of knowledge and pre-school education. 

Social justice in education 

The educators who will carry out the planned educational activities will be faced with prejudice and stereotypes; therefore it is important that they are able to realize them and to overcome them in an appropriate way. In the process of their training they will be sensitized to create an intercultural environment for the specific needs of Roma children. They will also be taught how to approach these children and their parents with respect and will get to know the strategies of individualized and differentiated approaches to teaching. The pedagogical approaches used, will be based on the needs of these children and on their children’s rights. The educators will be given permanent training, since their professional development presents an important precondition to insure a quality education for all students – and so for the Roma.