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Kindergarten Kerinov grm


Activity 8: Establishing equal chances for the integration of Roma children into kindergartens: kindergarten Kerinov grm

The unit KINDERGARTEN of the Primary school Leskovec pri Krškem wants to develop and introduce – on the basis of long-time work-experiences with Roma – a pilot programme for pre-school Roma children and their families.
The integration of Roma children into kindergartens in the earliest period of life in the long run establishes a higher self-esteem of Roma children and increases their participation and success in school.
The programme in the kindergarten Kerinov grm will be implemented according to the methodology “step by step”, taking into account the state curriculum for kindergartens.
From the preparative kindergarten the children will gradually integrate into the regular kindergarten (by the last year before school at latest) and from there into school, where they will have more equal chances and better preconditions for a bigger success.

Participation and active inclusion of Roma parents and youth into the programme of the project in cooperation with different organizations (health centre, centre for social care, employment centre and different societies…)

Roma parents gradually build up trust towards the kindergarten and the educators there. With an everyday routine they will get used to a regular contact with the kindergarten. In the rooms of a preparative kindergarten in the settlement, parents will be included together with their children into everyday activities.
Later on and gradually, separate activities for children will be organized and separate ones for mothers. In the kitchen, household workshops for mothers and young Roma girls will take place. Parents will be informed about the importance of education of children and their inclusion into kindergarten from an early period of life on. In workshops parents will gain new experience and knowledge about housekeeping and healthy food (cooking, washing, cleaning), baby-care, and education of children, health care, vaccination, contagious diseases, addiction, healthy sex, social aid and possibilities of employment.
With different workshops and lectures parents will be educated in fields which interest them and which they need to improve their general knowledge, with a stress on the development of literacy in the family.