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Educational work with pre-school children and their families


Activity 4: Development and implementation of different forms of educational work for pre-school children and their families, as well as children starting school and their families.


Introductory and animation days in kindergartens and schools

The aim of introductory and animation days in kindergartens is to establish connections among different kindergartens and their respective nearby Roma settlements, as well as with families with pre-school children (reaching-out approach). The kindergartens taking part in into this activity, will organize throughout the entire year activities for children and parents, aimed at easing the inclusion of Roma children into institutions of this kind. Programmes within this activity will include presentations of the work in kindergartens, personal contact between the kindergartens, parents and children, and trust-building among them. Furthermore the importance of the work of kindergartens for the further development and success in the lives of the children will be explained to parents. Parents will be informed about the activities of the kindergartens and they will be able to visit them. Parents will be visited at home, they will be invited to events and workshops for children and parents, children will have the chance to borrow toys und books. Furthermore the kindergartens will include educated Roma from the local environment into their presentations, who will talk about their experience and will express the importance of education for the success of the individual.
The introductory and animation days in primary schools are meant for parents who will send her children to school. The activities within this event will be organized according to a similar principle as those in the kindergartens.
All activities organized during these days will be available to all local children.

Kindergarten activities for children who do not go to the kindergarten and their parents

A programme for children who do not visit the kindergarten will be organized the entire year round in order to prepare them for visiting it in the future.
In the kindergartens a programme for children, who do not visit the kindergarten will be organized the entire year around. This programme includes workshops (creative workshops, fairy-tale telling, and dance-workshops) once a week in the afternoon (2 hours) in the premises of the kindergartens or other places in Roma settlements. Parallel to the activities for children, activities empowering the parents in parenting and supporting the children’s development will be organized, too.

Creation and implementation of cultural and linguistic didactic means: three-lingual comics (Carinthian Roma language, Prekmurje Roma language and Slovene)


Learning a second language in kindergarten

In the framework of this activity we will train educators for a multilingual development of children in a multicultural environment in kindergartens.