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Development and implementation of extra-curricular programmes and spare-time activities


Activity 12: Development and implementation of extra-curricular programmes and spare-time activities for children and parents in environments where members of the Roma population live

Roma children and youth, as well as their parents are only to a very small extent involved into spare-time activities. Within our project we would like to offer a range of activities that would take place mostly in Roma settlements and would improve the quality of spare-time of Roma children and youth. The planned extra-curricular programmes are projected interestingly enough to be attractive to children of different age-groups, although they actually have an educational content. The intended activities will take place outdoors or in the common premises of Roma settlements, but will attract the non-Roma population of the neighbouring places as well, due to the various performers and/or organizations implementing them.

Workshop for film and photography

By organizing workshops for film and photography for children and youngsters, we would like to offer them a quality spare-time activity during summer holidays. The basic aim of these workshops is to awake their interest in the art of film-making and to teach them how to use a camera or a film camera. However, by taking part in this activity, they will gain many other skills as well. The product of this training will be a short film, or one or more photo exhibition(s) – either of them presented by the participants of this workshop.

Roma summer camp

The basic aim of organizing a summer camp for Roma children is to provide a possibility for quality spare-time during the summer holidays. The camp will be organized outdoors or in adequate premises. Most of the activity-providers are young academics, members of the Roma community, which will – by their sole appearance, as well as the activities they offer – present a role-model for the other (especially) Roma youngsters.

Educational activities within the framework of the festival of Roma culture Romano Čhon/Roma moon

The founder of the festival of Roma culture Romano Čhon/Roma moon, which in 2011 will take place for the third time, is the Roma academic club. Besides this club, the organizers of this festival are the Slovene ethnic museum and the Union of creative people in the field of culture from Maribor. Their primary aim is to present the variety and wealth of the Roma culture. The festival grows from year to year and besides several amusement events, offers activities with an educational content as well. Among them different workshops, lectures and other events, aimed at children, youngsters and adults.

Newspaper supplement “Projektne novine” of the Romano Glauso

The newspaper supplement “Projektne novine”, which will inform the public about current activities and achievements of the project, will become a supplement of the already existing newspaper Romano Glauso/The voice of the Roma, which is being issued by the Roma club Čapla (in Vanča vas).
The project paper will be created by the members by the Roma community and will – besides other digital and electronic forms of dissemination of project activities and results, be an important media, received by a large part of Roma households.
The aim of the planned supplement is to encourage Roma students and pupils included into any of the project activities to write about them and to publish their writings, impressions and thoughts on the topic of education.

Extra-curricular programme “School of football”

Football is attractive to Roma children and youngsters, which is why we decided to prepare an extra-curricular programme, entitled “School of football”, which will be open to non-Roma children as well.
The aim of the school of football is not the search for talents, but primarily to provide a proper psychological and physical development for a healthy life. Any child can take part in the school of football – regardless of its physical predispositions and gender. The main values which will be passed over to children at this school are: diligence, tolerance, companionship, self-esteem and knowledge.
With a regular participation in these guided activities children gain working habits which later on help them to integrate easier into the broader society. A strong stress will be put on motivating the youngsters (children between 13 and 15 years of age) for the participation in the school of football, since this means quality spare-time. The school of football will not offer only trainings and football-theory, but also lectures will be given to children and their parents. Through football trainings children will be taught how to live a healthy life-style. The topics will be, e.g. the healthy diet of a sportive person, the rules of hygiene, the dangers of drugs, alcohol and smoking.
At this point we would like to point out, that the school of football will be open for Roma and non-Roma children.

Lectures for children, youth and parents

The lectures for children, youth and parents will be primarily sociological (the topics will reach from discrimination, sexual education, integration of Roma into society, the education and employment of the Roma, etc.), while the lectures for the parents will primarily informative (the importance of education, inscription of children into secondary school, presentation of secondary school programmes, acquaintance with the rules in schools, as well as the law on education, motivation of children, etc.).