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Day-care centre Brezje


Activity 6: Day-care centre for Roma Children – Brezje


Day-care centre for Roma Children

The day-care centre for Roma Children will be open every day from Monday to Friday from 1.30 – 5.00 p.m. The aim of this programme is to set up a daily contact between children and the employees of the project, as well as to organize different activities for  improving the level of human, social and cultural capital and to provide the conditions for the children, in which they can learn to develop positive social contacts.
Aiming at this goal, several social games will be organized, as well as creative workshops, dancing and music workshops with an emphasis on Roma culture, social and sportive games, as well as relaxation workshops and group training of 4 elements. The aim of this programme is a greater integration into the school system, this is why an important part of the programme is aimed at school assistance, helping with homework and learning the Slovene language. We are estimating that 45 children will be included into this programme.