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Creative forms of school assistance in the Roma settlement of Hudeje


Activity 11: The development of creative forms of school assistance for Roma students in the Roma settlements of Hudeje.

The focus of this activity will be on the extra-curricular school assistance, which will be offered in the existing day-centre Kher šu beši in the premises of the Roma settlement. This assistance will be offered in the afternoon – individually, as well as in groups. With these activities we would like to support and strengthen an inter-generational cooperation, which is why – in the second phase – parents of the children will be included as well. This way we want to gain a multiple effect: the children will feel that their parents have an interest in their children getting a good education and are motivated to act in this direction, because this is an important part of every person’s life, while at the same time, the parents will be part of the training for offering their children school assistance themselves.
School assistance will mostly be offered by the employees of the Centre for social work, but – since it often happens that Roma children don’t understand Slovene – a co-operator from the Roma settlement Hudeje will participate, too.
The target group for this assistance consists of 15 to 20 Roma students. For every child, an individual plan of school assistance will be elaborated, as well as the goals and an approximate time-frame of their achievement.