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Project newspaper


Promotional project newspaper “Projektne novine”

The basic aim of the project newspaper “Projektne novine” is to inform the public about current activities and achievements of the project.
The project newspaper is being created by members of the Roma community and it is – besides the other digital and electronic forms of dissemination of project activities and results – an important medium which will be handed out to a large part of Roma households.
The aim of the planned newspaper is to call upon Roma students and pupils who are included in other project activities to write about them and thus to publish their products, impressions and thoughts on the topic of education. 

Year 2012 

No.1, January 2012   
 No. 2, August 2012  
No. 3, December 2012  


YEAR 2011

No.1, April 2011
 No. 2, June 2011  
 Številka 3, oktober 2011